Take a step into the not-so-distant past with us at TasPop South 2022!Join us at Princes Wharf 1 on July the 15th - 17th for a weekend of creativity, fun, and memories to last a lifetime!At TasPop South, you can expect to see many things: Cosplayers, artists, anime, AMVs, Nerdy Vendors, cool demonstrations and more!There are plenty of Events and Contests for you to enter over the weekend, so grab your whole family and come down for weekend you'll never forget.

We're preparing for a weekend full of fun and engaging activities- Hobart has been without for too long, but the wait is almost over. Coming in on the 15th to the 17th of July, TasPop South is the perfect place to show off your new cosplay, beat your rivals in a game of Smash, or compete in one of our many competitions to win an awesome array of prizes!Make sure to buy your tickets and secure your entry to Tasmania's biggest Pop Culture event

Tasmania is a beautiful state that is full of rich culture and diversity! It is TasPop's pledge to help create a safe space of expression for all of Tasmania's most marginalized groups, including Aboriginal, Torres Strait islanders, and our growing LGBTQ+ community.We want to acknowledge that Tasmania has one of the highest rates of suicide and poor mental health among their youth in Australia, and be a part of the change in creating a safe and welcoming community to help forge connections and friendships that will last a lifetime.If you want to learn more about us, feel free to catch up with us on our social medias, or visit our base website below!


Day Passes

A day pass grants to access to a single day at TasPop South 2022 on either the Saturday or the Sunday. Children under 11 are free.Pre-purchasing your tickets also grants you exclusive access to any events held on the Friday night.

Ticket typePrice
Earlybird TasPop Member Day Pass$15
Earlybird Adult Day Pass$20
Earlybird Child (11-15) Day Pass$18

Weekend Passes

A weekend pass grants to access to the entire weekend and all of the ebvents at TasPop South 2022. Children under 11 are free.Pre-purchasing your tickets also grants you exclusive access to any events held on the Friday night.

Ticket typePrice
Earlybird TasPop Member Weekend Pass$30
Earlybird Adult Weekend Pass$38
Earlybird Child (11-15) Weekend Pass$35

Want to become a TasPop member and take advantage of it's benefits and discounts?

- By buying a ticket you are agreeing to TasPop South 2022's terms of entry.
- Tickets may be non refundable without proof of purchase.
- Earlybird prices will only be available until May 15th 2022.


Our timetable for TasPop South 2022 is coming soon- along with schedules for events and demonstrations running throughout the day.Be sure to check back soon, and keep an eye out on our socials!


There are a host of events to be seen and engaged with over the course of the weekend at TasPop South!So have a look below to see just some of what will be on offer.

Cosplay Competition

One of our most popular events; the Cosplay Competition is the perfect chance for you to get up on stage and strut your stuff!Show off your mad crafting skills in front of a panel of judges and an adoring crowd, and tell us about how many hours you crunched or how many sticks of hot glue you used to create your amazing costume.There are prizes to be won from best overall to best in theme or best in character, or show off your acting chops and take a shot at best skit!
All details can be found in the entry form below.

Please be advised that all cosplays entering any category other than Best Skit must be handmade or modified by over 50% of the complete costume. Any purchased costumes entering Best Skit must state so on their registration form and will not be judged on costume.People entering the Cosplay Competition must be a pre-existing character, not an original creation, the intent of the costume must recreate the character you are portraying, fan arts are a valid representation and will be allowed subject to organizers discretion.All entrants must be appropriately attired as the event is PG, any entry found to not be in these regulations will be immediately removed from the competition. If you’re unsure if your outfit is appropriate please don’t hesitate to send us a message on social media or email us at events@taspop.org.au

FRUiTS Fashion Competition

The FRUiTs fashion Competition covers all forms of street fashion from Visual Kei to Lolita, Punk to Deco, and much, much more!If you have a passion for fashion and want to get up on stage and strut your stuff, the FRUiTS Fashion competition may be just for you.The variety in the FRUiTS Fashion competition is not to be understated- you can come in a classic Japanese Yukata, dress up as a plague doctor, or a gijinka of your favourite Pokémon!
The limits are only defined by the contents of your wardrobe, so get dressed up and enter our competition for a chance to win some amazing prizes!
All details on entry can be found in Entry form below.

All entrants must be appropriately attired as the event is PG, any entry found to not be in these regulations will be immediately removed from the competition. If you’re unsure if your outfit is appropriate please don’t hesitate to send us a message on social media or email us at events@taspop.org.au

Cosplay Mystery Date

Have you ever dreamed of finding true love on stage, in front of a bunch of strnagers? Then look no further than Cosplay Mystery Date!Sign up as a Bachelor or Bachelorette and pick your true love out of a panel of three complete strangers using a list of questions relevant to your character. Award points based on answers and determine your compatibility! Maybe this year I'll finally get to see Shadow the Hedgehog x Tifa Lockheart, like I've always dreamed!

To compete as a contestant, simply show up to the event on the day and hold up your hand when we ask for volunteers. Just be sure to come in Cosplay!To sign up as a Bachelor or Bachelorette, please read and fill out the below form. If you have any questions, contact us at events@taspop.org.au

That's not all, folks!

These are just some of the events that we plan to have at TasPop South 2022Keep an eye out for more updates, coming soon!


Going once, going twice!
If you have some old merch that you'd like to sell off, then the Auction is for you!
List your old cosplays, books, or figurines for sale in the TasPop Auction, and watch sparks fly as the bidding war begins!You can list up to 5 items in each auction, with the 18+ auction being held in the evening.

There will be two seperate auctions over the course of the weekend. One regular, and another 18+ auction. If you're not sure if any of your items belong in the 18+ auction, please reach out to us at events@taspop.org.au

Please be sure to let us know of any and all damage or special conditions an item may have.
Uploading images isn't necessary, but is highly recommended, as the images may be used in our online catalogue.
No one person may put more than 5 lots into each auction. You may have up to 5 in the regular auction, and 5 in the 18+ Auction, making for a total of 10 items. Items submitted to the 18+ Auction must be flagged as such for a good reason.
Submissions to the auction will close on July 7th 2022
TasPop will retain 10% of the sale price of any item sold in the TasPop South auction.
If you have any questions, contact us at events@taspop.org.au


During TasPop South, we run a number of contests made up of entries during and leading up to the event.Take a look below at some of your chances to show your stuff and win some cool prizes!

AMV Contest

Cut and edit your way into our AMV contest!All entries into the contest will be screened over the course of the weekend, so dust off your computer and start cutting out that masking layer.Entries opening soon

Art Contest

Calling all artists!Now's your chance to enter TasPop South's Art Contest, and win more than exposure!
All skill levels encouraged to join in.

We have categories in photography, digital art, 3D sculpture, and traditional art- as well as subcategories for both premade artworks and art that's made over the course of the weekend.Entries opening soon

Writing Contest

Covering both original works and Fanfiction, TasPop South's writing competition is a chance to win some cool prizes and flex your creative talents, so dust off your typewriter and get to typing!There are categories for best in theme, but not all entries need to match the theme.Entries opening soon

Entries to all contests must have been made within the last 24 months
Some entries may be used for future marketing purposes, with artist permission
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out at events@taspop.org.au

Join Us

Every year, TasPop and it's other Events are run by a Committee of Volunteers from the local community. Some years it's been big, others small, but one thing has always remained: the TasPop Committee is full of people who love pop culture!


Ever wondered how you can help out more? Want to be a part of something big?Volunteering for TasPop South 2022 may be the thing for you!We're looking for motivated, helpful, friendly people to help us over the course of the weekend, and in exchange for some work, you'll get free entry to the event for each day you volunteer.And hey, it looks great on a resume!

If you think Volunteering might be for you, or you want to find out more, send us an Email at volunteers@taspop.org.au

The TasPop Committee

The Committee is full of artists, organizers, and general volunteers. There are countless skills you can learn working with us, and it looks fantastic on your resume, too! So whether you have experience running events, or you just want to learn and be a part of something cool, feel free to drop us an application for a position on our committee!All applications welcome.

When & Where

TasPop South 2022 will be held at Princes Wharf 1 at Castray Esplanade, Hobart TAS 7000The main festival will be held on the 16th and 17th of July, with evening activities on the night of the 15th

This is TasPop's first year with PW1, and we're excited to see how our event evolves and grows with this new venue.You can find out more about Princes Wharf 1 at their website by clicking on their logo.

If you want to keep up to date with all our announcements, be sure to follow our Facebook page and RSVP to the Event!

Vending Opportunities

Think your business would benefit from selling or exhibiting at TasPop South? Every year Vendors from all over the state gather together for this unique opportunity to connect with their customers in an exciting forum and bring new faces to their businesses. Applications are now open until July 1st for TasPop South 2022Download below or Email us at vendors@taspop.org.au for a copy of our Sponsors & Vendors pack


Every year, TasPop is made possible by our many sponsors! In exchange for benefits such as advetisment, tables at TasPop South, as well as more catered bonuses, Sponsors provide us with varius forms of aid.

If you think Sponsoring our event would be mutually benefitial for your company or group, or you just want to support the local community, take a look at our Sponsors package below which details the perks you get for your support, and get in contact with us by sending us an email at sponsors@taspop.org.au or using our Contact Us form.

Some of our Sponsors from previous years:

Panels & Demonstrations

Have a topic you'd like to run a panel on to share your knowledge and know-how?Have a performance or group you'd like to do a demonstration of?Get in contact with us at demonstrators@taspop.org.au today to find out if TasPop South 2022 is the right event for you to share your stuff!All enquiries welcome.